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So many articles written before the 2007/08 economic crash about making motorcycles EPA compliant, non after. Because the EPA laws and the economic crash of 07-08 took out most if not all of the small custom motorcycle builders.

The EPA’s mindset or excuse to create the new law was that custom motorcycles built by small custom motorcycle builders were only for display and collectors so they told all the big corporate builders to get economical friendly but granted a LIMITED ROAD USE exception for the small production builders.

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Most custom bikes are built to be driven on the road less a few insane bikes that were for display only.

Let’s go back to 2004-2005-2006 and late 2007. The economy was doing great.

Business’s were popping up everywhere and Uncle Sam was putting his foot in everyone’s door.

The motorcycle industry was crazy with TV shows rallies and nobody saw 2008 collapse.

The little guys were having a great time building radicle bikes then the corporations came in and started companies like Iron Horse and Big Dog. Pushing out so many bikes that it got Harleys attention. Harley even tried to match some of the competition with their Thunder Mountain Choppers.

 The EPA came in and told the corporations that they must now play by the same rules as Harley and Honda by being environmentally friendly.

Let’s not forget that the craze was prompted by the small shops building really cool low production motorcycles.

Now comes the EPA. Big Government coming in and taking on the Big Corporate Chopper builders.

The small shops were now COLLATERAL DAMAGE.

The small shops created the craze, the big shops took advantage of the craze and the government shut down the craze.


That’s what happened.

Now the days of building really cool radical bikes are gone because of the EPA law of 2007.

I believe we should allow the small custom shops to innovate and build small production non-EPA compliant motorcycles for both display purposes with the ability to ride on the road use.

Not to mention that the ability to modify your existing motorcycle has been taken away by the 2007 EPA laws.

Laws written against the big corporate players have destroyed businesses and lives of the little guy. Big Government here to help !